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New Media Art

Evolution of RHYTHM

Interactive Art Installation

Evolution of Rhythm



Evolution of Rhythm is an interactive, motion-capture installation about the Chinese philosophical principle, Qi. Generative, abstract and organic graphics are projected onto three large vertical frames covered with white spandex fabric. Each panel’s imagery is different but related, and when people touch the projection surfaces the imagery changes. Through this experience people will be able to feel and understand the beauty of Qi as a communicable, living force in the world and also in themselves.

Evolution of Rhythm by Biwei (Tina) Niu has been selected for the 2017 Governors Island Art FairNew York,  4heads will open the 10th edition of the Governors Island Art Fair (GIAF), featuring work by 100 new and returning artists presented in the historic homes on Colonels Row and for the first time in the ground floor spaces of Liggett Hall.

Award :

The 2017 Lumen Prize Short List

The 2017 Lumen Prize exhibition — Adventures in Digital Art (London)

The 6th Annual Faculty Submitted Student Work Exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2017

The 2017 Governors Island Art Fair

Art Amid Governors Island’s Architectural Decay