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Wonder of Visual & Experience

About Me

“Wonder, connected with a principle of rational curiosity, is the source of all knowledge and discovery, and it is a principle even of piety.”

– Samuel Horsley


I started my art journey with Graphic Design, enjoying the beauty of different typefaces, clean layout, elegant graphics and smart packaging. The discipline of Branding further enriched my work.  However, after receiving a BFA in Graphic Design a voice in my head urged me to explore the unconventional, the nontraditional side of art and design. I decided to learn more about new media, including web programing, digital generative art, video editing and interactive art. It was a little challenging at the beginning, but I totally fell in love with computer art and have continued to pursue that.

After all, media design is very different from Graphic design and so is my attraction to both of them. I still love the smell of paper, the organic quality of hand written calligraphy and the craft of printmaking. The design skills I attained from Graphic Design are not forgotten. They are part of my work’s foundation. They are embedded in my experience. As a digital artist/designer, I strive to bridge the older and the newest media and techniques, to connect not only programing, art and design but also different cultures for the global culture we now live in.